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As a filmmaker, I have created both documentary films and experimental videos. These include Silent Exposure, No Nukes, and The Metamorphosis.


I like to tell stories that affect people, stories that brighten up their day and persuade them to be motivated. I try to share the joy and grief that I feel from people’s life stories. The way I do this is with music and by working on all stages of filmmaking.


My background originates in music. I earned an MA degree and frequently compose the music for my films, using it to assist me in the creation of fantastic stories. I am typically involved in pre-production, production and post-production: budgeting, hunting locations, shooting and editing, and I produce, direct and edit films from start to finish.


As an artist, I bring innovation and inspiration to a project, so that the audience will associate with the feelings that I had while making films.

Experimental Video "Reflections"

                                   Kayoko Nakamura

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